What the ES Career Architecture Does for You

At ES, we are committed to fostering your continued career development. Career Architecture is designed to help you understand your career path, shape your development and create a blueprint for professional growth. We support employees seeking out new challenges so they can advance to the next level in their ES career or perhaps move to a different professional path within ES. 

Career Architecture gives Electronic Systems a business-wide, common language for employees and their managers to discuss job roles and responsibilities. And, it provides a single, comprehensive system for defining job duties that helps managers make consistent decisions around key talent issues. This makes it easier to:

  • Provide employees with a clearly defined career path and insight into opportunities for development across the organization.
  • Accurately describe jobs, titles and career paths.
  • Identify consistent duties and requirements.
  • Effectively manage talent across geographies.
  • Evaluate and compare jobs (i.e., promotions, transfers, etc.).

Career Architecture focuses on each job, its responsibilities and its duties—it does not focus on the individual performing the job. It also does not focus on compensation.