About This Resource

Where do you go from here (job-wise, that is)? What do you need to do to enhance your professional development and move to the next level in your career? Are your current job skills transferable to another career path within ES? How can you continue to grow and be challenged at ES?

Career Architecture addresses all of the above issues and helps you realize The Power of YOU in your career. On this site you'll see our:

  • Centers of Excellence (COEs)—major professional areas requiring unique competencies. Examples include Engineering, Finance and Operations.
  • Job Families—disciplines within each Center of Excellence (COE). Each Family is designed to handle specific job functions. For example, an Engineering COE includes the Job Families called Hardware, Systems, and Software, among others. 
  • Career Ladder with Levelsillustrates the duties of a specific Job Family by level and shows progress through a Job Family. Examples of Levels include Systems Engineer I, Systems Engineer II, and Systems Engineer III.
  • Job TitlesA title is assigned to each Level. Examples include Test Engineer I (Level 1), Test Engineer II (Level 2).

This site puts valuable and actionable information—and decision-making power—in your hands by:

  • Describing clearly defined career progressions throughout ES.
  • Showing how your job role is defined by Electronic Systems.
  • Helping improve your understanding of how your job role fits into our business.
  • Clarifying career opportunities across the organization.
  • Providing a consistent job structure that accurately reflects the nature and level of your work and duties.