Do You Manage or Supervise Others at ES?

As a manager, you play a critical role in your employees’ career development and in the success of our business. Career Architecture is designed to help you provide guidance to your direct reports while also establishing career and development expectations for them. Using Career Architecture, you can foster employees’ continued professional development, and empower them to extend their skills, knowledge and abilities to impact our business and serve our customers. In turn, this helps us manage our business, our resources and our investments more effectively and efficiently. 

If you manage or supervise others at ES, Career Architecture helps you talk to your employees about:

  • Tools and resources developed to navigate the Power of YOU.
  • A clearly defined career path they can travel to advance as far as their ability, skills and efforts can take them.
  • ES’s commitment to job definition and career opportunity transparency.
  • ES’s commitment to supporting performance improvement and career advancement.

Career Architecture does not change reporting relationships and does not change compensation.

See the Manager’s Guide for more on the development and implementation of Career Architecture.